Use Shovel Sling to carry an armload of tools or materials in just one hand.
Use Shovel Sling to carry an armload of tools or materials in just one hand.

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3/8 inch steel powder coated bar supports heavy loads.
Heavy duty tool bag grade canvas won't rip or wear out.
Double box stitched loops on the end of our ultra strong and durable nylon handle ensure this strap will never fail.
Sewn in handle for comfort
Save time handling tools, materials, or just about anything over 22" long.
Carry Smarter.
Proudly Made In USA

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What you can carry with the Shovel Sling

  • Landscaping hand tools: Shovels, Hoes, Rakes, Edgers, Levels, Brooms, Axes, Hammers, Picks, Tree Pruning Saws

  • Lumber up to 10 ft. / team carry up to 20 ft. lengths with one on each end

  • All types of pipe up to 10 ft. / team carry up to 20 ft. lengths with one on each end

  • Conduit up to 10 ft. / team carry up to 20 ft. lengths with one on each end

  • Surveying Equipment, Stakes, Lathe

  • Party tent poles and stakes, even center poles can be carried with one sling or team carry with one on each end

  • Scaffolding supports

  • Much more!

Industries Served

  • Construction

  • Contractors

  • Disaster Relief

  • Drilling

  • Electricians

  • Event Planning/Party Rental

  • Forestry

  • Gardeners

  • General Maintenance

  • Grounds Maintenance

  • Handymen

  • Home Owners

  • Landscaping

  • Movie

  • Oil

  • Painters

  • Plumbers

  • Surveyors

  • Survivalist/Prepper

  • Warehousing


  • Made in Stockton, MN USA

  • Rated to carry 70 pounds

  • 1 1/2″ Nylon handle for strength

  • Handle sewn in the middle for easy load balancing and comfort

  • 3/8″ Steel bar for rigid support, powder coated for durability

  • Tool bag grade canvas for strength and reliability

  • Sewn together with sail thread for fail proof construction

Independently reviewed. See what they are saying:

Shovel Sling is award winning! We won the Reader's Choice Golden Shovel Award from Gardening Products Review

Monica Hemingway of put a few of our slings through some vigorous testing. She gave the Shovel Sling her highest recommendation, 5 shovels. Click the golden shovels to read her review. Quote, “I frequently speak to garden clubs about gardening tools. The audience is always surprised when I walk in with a string trimmer, long-handled bulb planter, two hoes, a Radius spade, and Dramm loppers all wrapped up in a Shovel Sling and carried in one hand! If you can wrap the sling around it, you can carry it.”

Shovel Sling receives rave reviews

Engineered to last as long as your favorite boots.

Improve Workplace Safety

Nearly 25% of all workplace accidents involve hand and finger injuries. Carrying multiple tools or materials can be dangerous. Pinched fingers are commonplace when carrying multiple objects that are round like pipe or tool handles. Shovel Sling solves this problem and completely eliminates the risk of finger and hand injury due to pinching. The Shovel Sling puts a comfortable handle in the user’s hand while suspending the carried load comfortably at the user’s side. This does several things for the user. First it frees a hand so that the user may carry other things at their other side. Additionally it saves the user from having to scoop down with both arms to carry a load across their chest. Simply bend at the knees, grab the loaded sling handle and pick up the load with one hand. Carrying a load of material across the chest ¬†with two hands may cause the user to twist sideways to go through doors or narrow areas. With the Shovel Sling the user carries the load with one hand while facing forward, the load easily fits through doors or narrow areas.

With the Shovel Sling the load is easily set down by bending at the knees until the load lands gently on the ground. No bending over to set the load down. The Shovel Sling provides the user a faster way to let go of the load if they were to trip. Workplaces aren’t always trip hazard free. If someone were to trip and fall while carrying materials across their chest holding them with both hands they could fall onto the materials they are carrying. With the Shovel Sling and load at the user’s side, if they were to trip they can simply let go of the sling and it will fall to their side, making it much easier for the user to avoid falling onto the load they are carrying. Chiropractors have commented on the ergonomic benefits the sling provides when carrying materials. Save your back, your hands, and your fingers by carrying with the Shovel Sling.

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